Well March is here.. on a sad note.. February 13th we lost our female Chow Chow Shelby, started with a slight limp and two weeks later she could hardly move and wouldn’t eat, numerous VET visits, blood tests,x-rays, sonograms, and even a spinal tap, They never found anything, but she didn’t make it.. so now she’s playing with Bear Bear again and waiting by the Rainbow Bridge.

well that's about all the news around here for now...


Welcome to the year 2006 all Human and Alien inhabitants of this rock we call Earth.
Now that 2005 is over and done with will 2006 be any better?

After spending several minutes reading prediction sites. I don’t know…

Is WWIII going to start, is the world going to end in the near future? One site says 2010 it’s over
(I like the Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012 as an end date better…but I liked the X-files also)

Will Kinky Friedman be elected Governor of Texas?

Will it ever rain in Dallas/Ft Worth? What happened to Winter? (80 degrees in January.. I can’t wait till August rolls around) So will 2006 be any better? Who knows just have to wait and see!

In the mean time google “2006 predictions” its a good way to waste 10 or 15 minutes and laugh a few times in the process.

Now that I’ve bored you with that.. NEWS? That is what this section is supposed to be for. I finally broke down and set up another reef tank. The TOD(tank of death) its finally starting to be stable and look like a box of water with corals and few fish. I had a few problems when the TOD was first set up, I used a proven method from a place I won't name and over calcified the tank thus the TOD name.. anyway..

I also added some pictures from the old site to the photo gallery, and will be adding more and maybe even some new ones. I haven’t forgot about the genealogy section either – just haven’t got around to it yet. Most of last year consisted of adding to the ever growing collection of Hotwheels or Nascar oops M&M Elliott Sadler stuff… We are now officially redneck hillbillies after going to a couple of NASCAR races last year…

We(I was being a good husband) stood in line to get a wristband to stand(after sitting for 3 hours) in another line for a Sadler autograph session.. The things we must do, guess it's just payback for all the events I drag her to.. Oh well it was kinda fun.. At least it was only a few hours of waiting around, and I’m sure I’ll have to do it again this year…

Well That’s all there is now.. 2006 begins!


March is here.. still working on the genealogy section (which is turning into more work than I wanted to do) but anyway.. We decided to skip the Monster Jam world finals this year. First one we’ve missed, but last year it just wasn’t as fun as it was the first couple of years, so we decided to skip it.

In the process of building a Bioponic planter, Over the years I’ve built a few Hydroponic and Aeroponic planters, and had a lot of fun seeing what will grow without dirt. The Bioponic planter utilizes a fish tank for the reservoir, and gets it nutrients from the fishtank…. That’s about organic as you can get! So we will see how it works..


Well Xmas has come and gone and so has most of January. Getting close to having the Genealogy sections back up and running. The Photo Gallery Registation email verification is now working so Register!

Other news I did my 6 month checkup and all the tests came back clear and clean so looks like the surgery and radiation did it’s job and im gonna be alive and kicking for a while longer…..


10 days till XMAS..

Last weekend we went and saw the Trans Siberian Orchestra at the American Airline Center..wasn't real sure what to expect, but they were really good and had the best light/lazer show i've ever seen!

The Photo Gallery is back up and running and I will add more pictures in the next few days..
You have to Register to add comments. You can rate the pictures without tho.

Still working on the Genealogy sections might have them back up in few weeks, looking for a better gedtohtml program...


Well it's been six months since I've updated this site..been an interesting six months too - Cancer scare, surgery,radiation therapy..but all is well now so far..anyway I have decided to do yet another rewrite. Things will probably be a bit flakey for a few days, and most of pictures will be moved to the photo gallery instead of having event pages. The Genealogy section will be broke into four sections for Garner's, Helmick's, Gassmann's and Weber's. The Hydroponics area will stay the same for now, waiting for spring to play with bioponics more on that later..


Well back from Kansas,,seen enough orange road construction signs to last a while.
The Tri-Annual Weber family reunion was fun.

Hot, Dry and Dusty in NW Kansas - Was in the worst Dust Storm i've ever seen!
(growing up in West Texas didn't prepare me for seeing the sun blacked out by blowing dirt)
Pictures Click HERE


Well I decided to scrape the Message Boards....no one really used it on the old site so I don't think it will be missed. I did add a Photo Gallery Click HERE -- You have to register to add comments about the pictures,
but you can rate the pictures without registering. Have fun with it...

I'll be adding more albums daily for the next few days.


I've been a little slow about getting this site updated, but HEY i'm working on it!...
we're back from Vegas (even came home with MONEY!)
Monster Jam World Finals 5 Photos HERE
Also did the Star Trek "The Experience" thingies
The Klingon Encounter and Borg Invasion 4D are worth seeing!


Finally getting around to updating the site.. There will be alot of changes over the next few days.. First off TheGarners.com and TheGarners.org are being merged into one site. The Genealogy sections will up and running in few days. The Message boards will be upgraded.. and hopefully they pick back up. The Photo galleries are also being reworked and should be back up in few days.